Remember when Eminem and N*Sync and Britney Spears were selling millions of records in the first week of release? Weirdly enough, this rundown of rap album sales makes me long for those days.

Newest celeb feud: Evel Knievel vs. Kanye West! (via AV Club)

I guess I should have expected this based on their stage show at SXSW, but Deerhunter is making me sort of uncomfortable.

Stereogum has two free, previously unreleased Built to Spill songs (including a reggae track).

PopMatters offers advice on how to raise musically well-rounded children. (via LHB)

The Phoenix lists 10 albums that made indie rock (and 25 honorable mentions). (via LHB)

It's about time for more Stephen Colbert in my life. He talked to EW about his new book(!).

CourtTV will soon become... truTV?

The Hater runs down "Awful (recent) things Sex & the City is responsible for."

I don't really understand this Slate feature on David Beckham coming to America. Also, MLS is in its 12th season, dudes.

Pop Candy directs us to this quiz: Christian heavy metal band or Star Trek episode?

Finally, welcome to the dictionary, "crunk."