I'm on the fence about whether the White Stripes' latest shenanigans were exploitative or awesome, but I've got to commend them for having fun with rock stardom. At the tail end of its Canadian tour, the band played a free "secret show" that consisted of one note. Video and testimony here.

NME has more news about Radiohead's seventh LP.

AV Club interviewed Britt Daniel of Spoon.

Ron Howard is directing a script by Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, The Life Aquatic)? What's that gonna be like?

I'm not psyched that Rupert Murdoch is a step closer to buying the Dow Jones company.

I'm also bummed that Conan O'Brien wasn't part of making The Simpsons Movie.

And EW thinks the Emmys will snub a lot of good TV again this year. What a depressing day in pop culture news! Don't these people know this is escapism?

Cracked counts down the 10 worst celebrity bands.

The Mercury Music Prize nominations are out, and Yahoo has the current odds for who'll win the British award.

Lastly, leave it to Slate to run a Nicole Richie story I give a damn about.