Last week John Ross and I wrote about cold beer in Columbus. After spending night after night at bars from Polaris to Grove City, we got to talking about some of the songs we'd like to never hear from a jukebox again. We got so worked up about it that we ran a feature about it in the paper this week. Of course, there were many more we wanted to include, but we got it down to 10 tunes that have come to induce nausea within seconds.

In retrospect, I realize several of my picks have been run ragged by mediums other than the jukebox (Wendy's commercials and CD101 are to blame for ruining "Blister in the Sun," for example), and several obvious contenders were omitted ("Sweet Home Alabama," hello!). On the whole, I think we nailed it, but I want to know what you think.

So, how did we do? What did we miss? Where did we go wrong? Chime in in the comments section. We'll publish your responses in a future issue of Alive.