I haven't found much worth linking to this morning, so please excuse the short links column.

EW is going list-crazy with a collection of 15 classic TV openers and a reader-compiled tally of the most violent movies ever.

Who killed Biggie Smalls? Not the cops.

AV Club presents its Oscar-O-Meter. Settle in; this is going to take a while to get through.

Could Tony Almeida be returning to 24 as a bad guy?

I guess Maya Rudolph is coming back to SNL after all.

You might have heard about music magazine CMJ allegedly not listening to submissions from bands trying to get a showcase slot at its yearly festival/conference, the CMJ Music Marathon. Now hear CMJ's side of the story.

So Stereogum is premiering Joni Mitchell singles now?

The New York Times is taking reader questions for Tina Fey to answer next week. Oh, and here's a Fey profile.

Plus, what do your favorite shows say about you?

OK, no more links. But here's the new Rihanna/Ne-Yo video.