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After picking up my credentials and a nice lunch at In-N-Out burger, I got the chance to meet four beautiful girls from Ohio State. They were winners of the PINK Stand-In Contest.

Basically, a giant pink bus came to college campuses nationwide looking for aspiring models who could strut their stuff on the catwalk. Yeah, yeah, the catwalk. The bus had a small runway, and those interested could walk down it and then submit a video of why they wanted to go to the fashion show this week.

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None of the OSU girls were aspiring models, though each agreed that she’d take such a job if it came her way. This week, they got the treatment normally afforded only to Angels. (The term “Angel,” I was told today, refers to one of six contracted models at the top of the company’s model hierarchy. They’re pretty hot, though I saw a notebook of the other 22 in the show. They’re really hot, too.)

About 30 girls from around the country flew in, got to meet some of the VS girls, had a pajama party and got to stand in the rehearsal. One girl was chosen to be in the actual show; that info was highly classified as of 5 p.m. today.

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When I met them, the girls were handing out mini dogs, a symbol of VS’s PINK brand, to the roving band of oddball characters on Hollywood Boulevard. The four I met were really sweet – and adamant about getting home in time to pre-party for the Michigan game.

That’s hot. So is the photo below, entitled My Awesome Job, Pt. 1.

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