Yeah, you read that right: Free Hannah Montana tickets.

If you don’t know why that’s a big deal, you probably don’t know any nine-year-old girls. If you do know why that’s a big deal, you know it’s a very big deal.

Hannah Montana is the nom de guitare of Miley Cyrus, the daughter of “Achy Breaky” Billy Ray Cyrus and star of the eponymous Disney Channel hit. Hannah/Miley is such a star among the ’tween set, tickets for her arena tour have been selling out in minutes, and scalpers are now squeezing thousands of dollars from pestered and desperate parents.

In Columbus, where she’ll play at Nationwide Arena on December 11, tickets sold out in 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes! Writing in The Dispatch, Aaron Beck noted that it took the Rolling Stones an entire day to sell out Nationwide Arena.

OK, OK, so what about the free part? Our friends at Mix 97.1 tell us they have a “stack of tickets” to the Hannah Montana concert. To find out how to win, tune in to the Alan Kable morning show on Monday, November 26 (5:30-10 a.m.). And if you don’t win, it’s a good chance to explain to your daughter how ticket scalping works.