A shopkeeper at the Rong Kluea market, near the Cambodian border, pieces together clothing using counterfeit Burberry cloth seen in front of her sewing machine. (Dispatch photo by Jeff Hinckley)

Be sure to check out "Fighting Fakes," Dispatch business reporter Jeffrey Sheban's three-part series on counterfeit goods produced overseas and flooding U.S. markets. He and photographer Jeff Hinckley traveled all over southeast Asia -- where bogus clothes, purses and other consumer goods are produced cheaply and then sent across the world posing as the real thing.

It's a fascinating look at an illegel, though largely unregulated, industry that affects people in the third world and here in the United States.

Sunday: Making Knockoffs China leads the world in producing illicit consumer goods. [Full story]

Today: Distributing counterfeits Thailand plays a central role in the movement of bogus goods [Full story]

Tomorrow: Battling copycats U.S. companies step up their global war against product pirates [Full story] (up tomorrow)