I've been behind reading The Onion lately -- that's always stupid of me -- so I hadn't seen their latest upgrade. The Onion News Network appears as the website of a 24-hour cable news channel, with videos, breaking news reports and other video content in addition to their weekly online stories.

It's amazing -- much like The Daily Show was before it realized just how many angry liberals watch Comedy Central. The Daily Show's most glaring flaw is that it's friends with its audience, so it doesn't have to win them over any longer. The ONN has none of Jon Stewart's goofy, tongue-in-cheek self-consciousness, and they go head-first into parodies of morning talk shows, news-magazine programs and other outlets of video news.

LIke the McLuhanian genius of The Daily Show of yesteryear, the ONN essentially parodies a medium -- not a message.

The video above is perhaps the funniest thing I've ever seen -- proof that the satire of the staff at The Onion is able to TV shows as well as print media.

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