Today, I got the chance to speak with Jerry Cunningham, a long-time, decorated ranger at Mohican State Park who saved a life in June. He was awarded the park system's highest honor -- the Meritorious Lifesaving Award -- for a cliff rescue, during which he rapelled down the face of a 60-foot cliff to save a man who went overboard in a Chevy Cavalier.

He recreated the rescue for me this morning, and it was totally amazing. I'll have a full profile of his exploits in next week's paper. Be sure to check it out. For now, here are some photos taken of the rescue.

The car launched from an overlook, past trees and down onto the cliffside.

Officers like Cunningham went down on lines like these to save the driver.

The Chevy Cavalier was crumpled like an aluminum can from the impact.

After the driver was removed safely, officers returned to remove the car with a giant crane.