Alright, I made a ridiculous number of mix discs this holiday season, so I decided that I would start to make one for blog readers each weekend. Play to my strengths, right? These mixes will feature new hits, oldies, buried treasures and tracks you should know but don't -- basically, all the bizarre stuff I blast in headphones each day. I'll try to do it Thursday, so you have time to find the songs. Your orders are simple: Find them. Compile into one disc. Party. Tell me your stories.

Without further ado, the inaugural edition of The John Ross, Esq. Non-Stop Party Mix Spectacular:

Count Five, "Psychotic Reaction" Ray Charles, "Night Time Is the Right Time" Dr. Hook, "Get My Rocks Off" The Pharcyde, "She Said" Jean Knight, "Do Me" Randy Newman, "Have You Seen My Baby?" Thelma Houston, "Don't Leave Me This Way" The Hold Steady, "Girls Like Status" Lou Reed, "Coney Island Baby" Lupe Fiasco feat. Matt Santos, "Superstar" Rancid, "Cocktails"

This is both a list of amazing songs -- and the correct order to put them in. To facilitate dancing and all the side effects people once linked to dancing, be sure not to waver from this formula. This one doesn't have a theme, though a theme isn't a bad idea for another week. Maybe the theme this week is getting wild. Yeah, this week's theme is getting wild.