Artist: MGMT Track: "Weekend Wars" Album: Oracular Spectacular Listen

Sometimes just a single line can make me love a song, and this track has some doosies (sp??), like "Now I can shoot a gun to kill my lunch/And I don't have to love or think too much." MGMT is fed up with the weekend wars -- the grind of love, romance, parties, work and all the things that make man long for simpler times and remote woods.

Musically, the track is operatic in how it shifts tones, textures and moods from verse to verse -- that quality magnified by reverb-ed vocals that sound as if shouted from megaphones. This track combines the third-person alienation of Ziggy Stadust-era Davis Bowie with just a bit of the snarling angst of early Axl Rose to keep things interesting.

This is the first essential album of 2008.