The Black Keys

Tech issues are rendering me a slow link-finder today. Enjoy these morsels, though:

Danger Mouse is producing the new Beck album; he also produced this new Black Keys song.

EW has an interview with Rob McElhenny of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Is Clive Davis learning the wrong lesson from the Kelly Clarkson debacle? Also, he's hyping a new Whitney Houston album, which I'll believe when I see it.

AV Club has a primer on "comics genius" Alan Moore.

YouTube is featuring a bunch of Sigur Ros content today.

Justin Timberlake is executive-producing a new comedy for NBC.

This week's latest overblown not-gonna-happen pop culture rumor is a Sopranos movie.

The Atlantic pulled a neat trick by stalking Britney's stalkers.

Did you know The New York Times has a migraines blog? Well, Jeff Tweedy wrote in it.

Lastly, The Wire's finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. Here's a fond farewell to the show.