EW has a big Lost feature by Doc Jensen. Yessssss.

Supposedly Geffen has Chinese Democracy in hand.

I totally agree with this piece about why Stone Temple Pilots are awesome. Except maybe the part about Scott Weiland developing a heroin addiction to gain cred.

And as long as we're remembering the '90s, I also agree that we take this song for granted.

Is Katie Couric about to become a lame-duck anchor?

The Crayola 64 box is turning 50 years old.

Vanilla Ice has been arrested for domestic abuse again.

DMX apparently played a frat party at Indiana University. People got maced.

Have we finally reached the saturation point for the summer festival season?

Idolator explains how Radiohead hoodwinked its way onto the singles chart.

U2 is back in the studio with Eno and Lanois.

Slate discusses "great new recreational drugs for nerds."

OMG Pete and Ashlee are engaged! Who?

RickRolling is now officially mainstream news.

Gossip Girl is getting all sexy/sensational with its ad campaign.

NPR is streaming new music from Death Cab for Cutie, Wolf Parade, Firewater and more.

Speaking of Death Cab, here's their new video for "I Will Possess Your Heart."