A great egret fishes along the Whittier Peninsula last weekend

About 10 eager birders gathered (very) early Saturday morning, and we saw the usual native species and a host of spring migrants stopping over on their annual continental journey. It was another in the successful Walks at Whittier series hosted by Columbus Audubon. Many thanks to trip leaders Paul Gledhill and Heather Raymond, who pointed out and identified about 30 species.

European starlings, American robins, common grackles, northern cardinals and American goldfinches abounded, and I also saw a bunch of new species:

Ruby-crowned kinglet Blue-gray gnatcatcher Hermit thrush Herring gull Field sparrow Northern rough-winged swallow

Here are some upcoming trips to novice and experts alike:

Dublin Early Wildflower and Early Migrant Walk Kiwanis Wetland Park Sunday, April 20, 2 p.m. This trip will showcase spring wildflowers and dilligent birds heading north after vacationing in Central and South America. Bring your field guides, binoculars, cameras and old shoes for the mud. The group usually heads out for a couple hours. For more info, contact Donna Siple or Lynn Wearsch.

Birding at Clear Creek Metro Park Clear Creek Metro Park Saturday, April 26, 9 a.m. This trip is a leisurely morning of bird watching at a great place for spring migrants and resident birds in the magnificent, peaceful setting of Clear Creek Metro Park. Warblers, tanagers, thrushes, vireos and others will be flying. Meet in the parking area at the intersection of Clear Creek and Starner roads. Dress for the weather and bring bug repellent, as well as a picnic lunch. For more info, call Tom or Donna Sheley at 614-578-9501.

Wednesday Walks at Whittier Lower Scioto Park Wednesday, May 7, 7:30 a.m. On the first Wednesday of every month, trip leaders head for a short walk around Whittier Peninsula to view wildlife and the latest developments of the park and nature center. Meet in the boat ramp parking lot. For more information, contact Paul Gledhill at 614-848-7666 or Heather Raymond at 614-785-0342.