R. Kelly jury selection starts today! Follow the link for that and much more scandalous Kells news.

Big changes are in store for Weeds.

Dave Grohl has a message for Metallica.

Besides starring in the next Terminator movie, Common is releasing a new "electro-tinged" album less than a year after Finding Forever.

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg is appearing on soap operas.

Did someone say emo suicide cult?

Apparently U.S. musicians aren't the only ones obsessed with Barack Obama.

Did the writers' strike result in tighter, crisper seasons for many of TV's best shows?

Scott Baio is going from starring in to producing VH1 reality series.

What ever happened to Marilyn Manson? I mean, besides Evan Rachel Wood.

I don't like the idea of MTV blurring the line between ads and shows.

Would Alec Baldwin leave 30 Rock to run for office? (I haven't seen the 30 Rock finale yet, so no spoilers please.)

Let's finish up with some utter nerdiness.

First, It's been one of those mornings when I spend more time reading obsessive Lost theorizing than doing work, so I'm compelled to remind you that Doc Jensen, Alan Sepinwall and AV Club's Noel Murray do great post-episode recap/reviews—in case there are any fans out there who aren't satisfied with the amount of time they're wasting on a TV show. Oh, and I don't know what to think that the producers are already bracing for a negative reaction to the series finale two years from now.

This New Yorker feature is about an extreme geek and the conceit that big ideas are all too common.

Lastly, to move from one form of geekery to another, here's notice that some more new Weezer songs have emerged, including this epic (though not necessarily satisfying) track: