Don't worry, more Lollapalooza coverage is coming soon. But for now, a return to our regularly scheduled programming:

Morgan Freeman is in serious condition after a car accident. And of course that has people wondering if there's a Dark Knight curse.

In other Hollywood health news, Christina Applegate has breast cancer, and Bernie Mac is recovering from pneumonia.

Spinner is streaming new albums from Conor Oberst, Oxford Collapse, Randy Newman and more.

In her NPR blog, Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein discusses the phenomenon of "Bromance."

So the Plain White T's have a fashion line, and it's not just a bunch of plain white T's?

No surprise that Oprah is TV's top earner.

Pitchfork interviewed King Khan.

EW asked Samuel L. Jackson to list 10 new classic Asian films.

Word on the street is it pays to be in the indie rock nostalgia business.

You can watch a new No Age video called "Keechie" here. I don't care for it, but maybe you will.

AV Club's latest Random Roles feature is on Gary Cole.

Is Mad Men too condescending?

Lastly, I've heard good things about Against Me!'s album New Wave, but I've never given the band a proper chance before. Consider this video for the title track a step in that direction. And for anyone who's bored with the visual, maybe they're paying homage to The Replacements?

Against Me "New Wave"