Best Friends Forever, not at Monster House

Monster House, 115 W. 10th Ave., is celebrating its one-year anniversary tonight with a splendid lineup of bands. The South Campus residence has become the national DIY circuit's go-to stop in Columbus and a fun place to see local bands from the local bar scene in a different setting. A full list of the bands who played the place in the past year can be found here.

Tonight's bill is topped by Best Friends Forever, a scrappy little twee pop band from Minneapolis that sounds like they'd be a lot of fun in a packed, sweaty living room. The rest of the many performers: •Matt Horseshit (of Psychedelic Horseshit fame) •I Woke Up, I Did the Same Thing (aka local dude Glenn Davis) Bob Carlton of Wayne, PA •Good Luck from Hoosier country •More Columbus solo action from Vug (aka dude from TV Eye) •New York's Eric Ayotte

Early start to this one to account for so many performers. To see everything, get there between 8 and 9 p.m. And if you don't want to be a total jerk, bring a donation of at least $5 for the touring folks.