I'm not super-jazzed about most of what's on TV tonight, but the BBC documentary The Human Camera (9 p.m., BBC America) has me curious. The one-hour program introduces us to autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire, whose ability to perfectly draw objects from memory inspired the Beeb to have him put together a 13-foot panorama of London with only a 15-minute helicopter ride to study his subject. Could be cool. And what the hell else are you going to watch, MANswers (11 p.m., Spike)?

One other thing: Great Big Sea is playing at the Southern Theatre. I know this band is Canadian, and my Canadian friend who also is way into the Tragically Hip is a fan. So are they one of those bands that, like the Hip, is only really popular in their homeland? I guess a stop at the Southern would seem to suggest they have a somewhat sizable audience here. Any Great Big Sea fans out there care to illuminate this for me? Anyway, it starts at 8 p.m. and tickets range from $27.50-37.50.