The Beatles are getting their own Guitar Hero-style video game.

Jermaine Jackson has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the Jackson 5, with Michael in tow, will reunite next year.

Joe the Plumber recorded some songs, hired a publicist and could release an album of country songs by Inauguration Day.

Courteney Cox is starring in a new comedy pilot for ABC called Cougar Town.

Bruce Springsteen apparently has the power to cancel Halloween. The Boss indeed!

Slate wonders how it is possible that AC/DC is still good.

Sarah Palin apparently offered to have her daughter babysit Tina Fey's daughter during SNL rehearsals. Weird.

Speaking of SNL, Seth Meyers will handle Weekend Update alone now that Amy Poehler is gone.

The Simpsons isn't going away any time soon.

What is a "smeltdown?" Bjork knows.

Lastly, I'm oh so glad Love Is All finally has a new album, and I'm almost as glad to share this low-budget Halloween-themed video for "Last Choice," a cut from that new album. Here's to Sweden!