As reported last week, The Sun is done. That's no surprise; the esteemed Columbus rockers have been on the wane for a while. What is surprising, though, is the contents of a note from frontman Chris Burney on the DoneWaiting boards. It's short but most definitely sweet, and it involves legendary producer Rick Rubin (pictured). To wit:

the sun is done so... gone solo except for the bands I'm still in, trying to hash out the details with Rick Rubin for the production of first proper solo "album", might have it together in the next year or so, Rick wants to make his "whats happenin' in Ohio right now" record, I was like cool, whatever. Check out the demos here...


So the bearded one wants to make an Ohio record? I'm excited to see what becomes of this. Any expectations for what this might sound like or who might guest on it?