The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Lori Schmidt Milan Jordan Scott Torgerson Lydia the Fan Girl Will Adam Foote ever make a return visit to Nationwide Arena? He will have to some day, and then he'll get what's coming to him. He knows Columbus fans want to line him up in front of the cannon. Unless the national media gets wind of Foote's "Columbus flu," he'll stay away until he retires. Yes, Nationwide Arena is always looking for vendors, ushers and parking attendants. No, he is a coward and his career is a complete fraud. No, he's obviously too afraid. What a wuss. What are you looking forward to at Sunday's Daytona 500? I love every minute of it. Side by side racing at 190 mph - it's awesome. On Sunday I'll still be celebrating the U.S. soccer team's win over Mexico. I'm not a big NASCAR fan, so crashes I guess. As much as I look forward to having my fingernails pulled out ... no, check that - I'd rather deal with the pain. Racing is not a sport. Not being in Daytona. What would you get Alex Rodriguez for Valentine's Day? Madonna's greatest hits. Forget the jokes - I'm not going to needle the guy. Since he's been hanging out with Madonna, a bottle of "special" shampoo and the phone number for a reputable VD doctor. Considering what he might have caught from Madonna, does he really deserve anything more? A younger mistress. What's the best place for a romantic date in Columbus? Wherever my wife tells me. Wish I knew. Anyplace that is powered by candlelight and has a violinist. I am married with two kids. What is romance? The Chocolate Cafe in Grandview - split a fondue!