Artist: Jim Shepard Album: Picking Through the Wreckage With a Stick

Whether solo or with bands like Vertical Slit and V3, Jim Shepard was one of Ohio lo-fi's founding fathers. Today, Jawbreaker at the DoneWaiting forum linked to Decrepit Tapes, a "Weirdo, Lo-fi & Outsider Music" blog that posted an archived version of Shepard's 1995 cassette Picking Through the Wreckage With a Stick. Here's their take:

Monomaniacal home-recordists-cum-outsider-musicians are getting to be a rather common breed, but Columbus, Ohio's Jim Shepard was hunkered down in his primordial lair back when most people thought "lo-fi" meant listening to music on a transistor radio. Far more devoted to noise than most one-man/4-track operations, Shepard who hung himself at home in October 1998 had a flair for carving out blocks of blue-collar art-rock that rivals fellow Rust Belt survivors like Destroy All Monsters and Pere Ubu (in its heyday). He also tempered the smart-guy sound-assemblage with a dark and smoky garage aesthetic born of toxin-laden practice spaces and beer-soaked lunch hours out behind the plant.

Download, discover and enjoy (or be repulsed, if that's your wont).