Things are exciting at COSI Columbus right now.

Things are exciting at COSI Columbus right now.

The Lost Egypt exhibit is about to debut, and as public relations manager, Kelli Nowinsky is tasked with sharing news about that attraction and others with the media.

Nowinsky feeds off the energy of her COSI co-workers, but she often feels drained by the time she heads home, where her side business' website needs updated and orders need to be filled.

Since starting Vevabody, a line of lotions and scrubs, about two years ago, Nowinksy's relocated her salve-making setup from her kitchen and basement to a dedicated room in her Hilliard-area home. She hopes to soon add a staff member and eventually operate out of her own storefront.

"I think it's everyone's dream to work for themselves," Nowinsky said.

But before Vevabody became a business, Nowinsky was just a "product junkie" whose sensitive skin prompted her to read up on how to make her own. When her friends started raving about it, she began producing on a larger scale, and she now ships orders placed online to cities all over the country.

Nowinsky still does everything with her own two hands (and KitchenAid mixer) - mixing the sugar scrubs, adding one of more than a dozen fragrances, printing labels, shipping orders and maintaining the website.

"Every single thing that is Vevabody, I created from scratch," she said. "I taught myself Photoshop so I could make the labels."

And, of course, there's the marketing. Although being the face of a science center is her day job, Nowinsky said she's been oddly embarrassed to talk about her side project.

"When it comes to Vevabody, I get a little nervous," Nowinsky said. "I'm like, 'How do you pitch beauty editors?' Even though my career is helping me in some ways, I still have to learn what it takes to get your product noticed in a saturated market."

The desire to succeed keeps her going, Nowinsky said.

"My advice to myself, that I tell myself every day, is you started this, and it doesn't matter if you're tired or you're sick, you have to keep going," she said. "And I crave that level of success."