Artist: Flotation Walls Song: "Willis the Fireman"

Few bands last as long as Flotation Walls without releasing a full-length record, so it's quite a relief that Carlos Avendaño's oft-mutating project has finally coughed up an album. The collection in question, Nature, is one of the more fully realized local releases you'll encounter, and it should be — the band took five years to record it, and some of the songs had been in development for several years before that. (Read all about it in today's paper.)

It's mighty fine from front to back, but the strongest stuff comes in the middle. I can't find "Body" anywhere online, so we'll focus on my other favorite for the moment. "Willis the Fireman" begins with a meek-yet-majestic prologue before pausing to gather its bearings and exploding into an Arcade Fire-sized cathartic singalong.

It ought to sound massive at Skully's Friday, where the band will celebrate Nature's release accompanied by a 10-piece orchestra. Brainbow and The Receiver will play too.