Did you know Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis are starring in a new HBO series called Bored to Death? I embedded the trailer above.

WTF is up with the RIAA winning $1.92 million in damages from a file-sharing single mother of four?

Young Jeezy was not stabbed the other night, in case you were wondering.

AV Club interviews Harold Ramis: "The writer-director discusses Year One, his plans for a new Ghostbusters movie, and his troubled relationship with Bill Murray."

Apparently, post-N-word, Michael Richards is a new man.

The LA Record has an interview with Shellac.

Wow, Lost's last season could see a lot of familiar faces back in the fold.

I'm glad I didn't die at Bonnaroo.

If Jon & Kate get divorced, does that mean I get to stop hearing about them?

Rolling Stone talked to Matt Weiner on Mad Men's third season: "I can't tell you if we're going to go to California in Season Three, but as a show, we're following how the Sixties were about the rise of Los Angeles and the decline of New York." (via TV Tattle)

Lastly, Feist sat in with old pals Broken Social Scene on a few songs during a surprise set this week in Toronto. Here's video of her chipping in on "New Country."