Clark's Dining Room in Jacksontown--about a 40 min. drive from Columbus-- has been making wonderful iron skillet fried chicken for almost a century. Alas, as explained by its website, it's become "obsolete" and will be closing after this weekend. I strongly suggest you get a taste of vanishing Ohio before it's gone! Read more about Clark's in the next Alive

Looking at this makes me happy and sad

The aftermath

Dawes Arboretum, just a mile or so farther up the road, is conjoined in my head with Clark's because the eye-candy-loaded arboreteum--which is like an an amusement park for nature--is where I always go to work off the gravy. Last Thursday, its physical and ocular gifts were stunning.

Dawes is also like a living museum replete with variegated gardens and botanical "installations" such as this zen-inspired one. Here's a few more:

This cemetery houses graves dating back to Revolutionary War-era Ohioans

If the cemetery wasn't enough, these nubby Cypress tree stumps are just the creepshow ticket for juicing up your spooky Halloween mood

You can actually read the name of this immaculate place written in the topiary bushes from an elevated observation deck

Hocking Hills">Hocking Hills

About once a month, I take a 5-6 mile hike in Hocking Hills. I start at the Old Man's Cave "tourist" center, then head toward Cedar Falls via the Rose Lake Dam and finally climb my way out of Old Man's Cave, traveling up 1000s of steps. That'll work off any meal. My hiking buddy & I did the hike last Wed. Above is the beautiful Rose Lake.

Cedar Falls

Get out & experience Ohio in October before grey November ushers in many frozen months of the pinned indoor winter doldrums!