Hey, "The Wire" fans: Want to play paintball with the cast of TV's greatest drama?

And hey, "Lost" fans: IGN has a super-geeky feature that ranks every episode from 1 to 113. "Stranger in a Strange Land", the notorious "Jack's tattoos" episode, comes in last place, of course.

NBC is worried that Jimmy Fallon's ratings have been taking a tumble.

To celebrate two decades of publication, EW takes us back to 1990, the year the magazine was born.

Katy Perry is a confusing young lass.

Big Boi is beefing with Jive Records over Andre 3000.

AV Club has an interview with Joan Rivers.

Lots of pop music popping up in international affairs.

I am fascinated to see what L.A. lo-fi king Ariel Pink recorded with Australian sample-stitchers The Avalanches.

We close with Damien Jurado's new "Arkansas" video. He'll perform at The Summit this Monday, June 14.