Habanero Gazpacho with toasted cumin creme fraiche, a beautiful and refreshingly acidic (but not spicy) and cool soup made by David MacLennan from Latitude 41

Tomatoes with the brilliant addition of chewy sweet and sour bacon, by Janel Hedgepeth, of Latitude 41

Heirloom tomatoes with tomato caramel, Marcona almonds, Parmigiano-Reggiano and lomo (racy strands of dry-cured pork tenderloin), by Alana Shock, Alana's Food & Wine

Behold Alana, queen of the tomatoes.

Last Saturday, at a sweltering and swarming North Market, I was a very impressed judge (along with The Other Paper's Miriam Bowers Abbott, Alive's Rebecca Zimmer and Channel 28's Johnny DiLoretto) at the chefs' tomato contest. Alana won, but the tally was close and every morsel that entered my gob was scrumptious!

What a ton of fleshy-fruited fun!