I don't know who Monster Rally is, but I know he/she/they is/are from Columbus and I love the music that's coming out under the name. Fans of The Avalanches' seminal, sampledelic "Since I Left You", High Places and the recent wash of tropical "chillwave" pop will want to lend their ears to these surfside sounds.

Peer into the gently thumping trip-hop mirage at Monster Rally's Bandcamp page.

I'm proud that guitars and hip-hop have long been this city's stock and trade, but it's nice to know Columbus has mysterious anonymous brilliance emanating from its hard drives like any good metropolis. There's room for everybody in this boat.

UPDATE: Apparently Monster Rally answers his e-mail very promptly. To wit: His name is Ted Feighan, and he is "definitely proud to be from Columbus." More info coming soon.