30. Rahsaan Roland Kirk

30. Rahsaan Roland Kirk


Born: Columbus, 1935

Often playing multiple instruments simultaneously, Kirk propelled avant-garde jazz into magical, otherworldly terrain. He has influenced everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Jonny Greenwood.

29. Drew Carey


Born: Cleveland, 1958

This bespectacled star's showbiz credentials are rock solid: popular stand-up tours, eponymous sitcom, spot on "The Price Is Right." He gets extra points for being unabashedly proud of his Cleveland roots.

28. James Thurber


Born: Columbus, 1894

Though he lost an eye in a William Tell shot gone wrong, Thurber became a celebrated contributor to The New Yorker and a beloved cartoonist known for delightfully simple sketches.

27. Paul Brown

Football coach

Born: Norwalk, 1908

Looking only at victories, Brown wasn't the NFL's most successful coach. His legacy goes far beyond box scores, and he was a revolutionary who elevated coaching to an exact science and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

26. Randy Savage


Born: Columbus, 1952

His real name is Randall Mario Poffo, but we'd rather refer to him by his proper title: the Macho Man. Ooh, yeah! In an industry of colorful characters, none was more entertaining than Savage.

25. Clarence Darrow


Born: Kinsman, 1857

Widely regarded as one of history's greatest criminal defense lawyers, Darrow was a stalwart for civil rights and an early leader in the American Civil Liberties Union. His tireless defense of John Scopes - a teacher accused of violating the law after teaching evolution - and his intense cross-examination of prosecutor William Jennings Bryan were instrumental in swaying public opinion toward Darwin's theory of evolution.

24. Ted Turner

Media mogul

Born: Cincinnati, 1938

Turner founded Ted's Montana Grill. Also, he's known for launching CNN, becoming the nation's largest private landowner and giving $1 billion to start the United Nations Foundation.

23. Archie Griffin

Football player

Born: Columbus, 1954

The only two-time Heisman Trophy winner dominated the college football universe during his tenure at Ohio State (5,589 rushing yards, four Rose Bowl appearances) and currently works as president and CEO of the Ohio State Alumni Association.

22. Annie Oakley


Born: Darke County, 1860

Born Phoebe Ann Moses, Oakley thrilled audiences with her rifle skills as part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, which toured the country for decades.

21. Halle Berry


Born: Cleveland, 1966

Berry eclipsed her trailblazing idol Dorothy Dandridge (who clocks in at No. 41) when she became the first African-American woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. She earned the Oscar in 2001 for her heart-wrenching turn in "Monster's Ball."