The people behind fragrance Ralph Lauren Romance and "Glamour" magazine teamed up (weird?) to survey 1,000 guys and gals nationwide to determine their outlooks on relationships. Before you go doubting the results, the poll was overseen by research group GfK Roper. But yeah, 1,000 people in no way represent the majority; the results are interesting no less. Some "key findings" (I love when they make things like this sound sciency):

- Nine in 10 American adults believe in true love. This is equally believed in by men and women.

- 49 percent of men prefer texting after a first date. Ladies like to hear the phone ring.

- 88 percent of guys' favorite compliment: "You're so funny." 93 percent of women's favorite compliment: "You have a great smile."

- Men say "I love you" sooner than women.

- Three out of four single adults say one to three days is the right amount of time to wait before calling someone who gave you their number. Men, easy to understand as always, were more likely to say a reasonable time to wait was between one day and a week. Helpful.