After starting out strong in its new Friday timeslot, "Fringe" has seen a drop in ratings for the second straight week. I predicted we might be hearing the death knell for "Fringe" with its move, but there are a few things to take into account when looking at this ratings slide.

First, there's been that little thing in Egypt going on lately which has probably taken "Fringe" viewers away to watch Glenn Beck and hear his conspiracy theories on how the Obama administration is behind the whole thing to bring about a new Islamic caliphate.

Now, I'm not saying all "Fringe" fans are right-wing Tea Partiers. Just that many probably first dipped their toes in sci-fi with "The X Files" — a show rife with government conspiracies — and can enjoy Beck's conspiracy theories on a purely narrative level. That, or people were just trying to keep up with current events (and that Anderson Cooper beatdown).

The second thing to remember is that last Friday was highly-overpriced-meal-in-a-loud-crowded-restaurant-night for many as part of their perfunctory Valentine’s Day celebration. Yes, sci-fi fans have dates too — just usually not as many as the rest of the population. So many “Fringe” watchers were probably out enjoying crème brulee as Fauxlivia was being attacked by deadly beetles. Okay, maybe my theory about Glenn Beck is more likely.

Hopefully, Fox renews the series as it’s one of the best on television — even with the more soap opera-like developments recently—and I don't expect Fox will cancel "Fringe," but I've been wrong before. And, then again.