Outrigger Canoe Combo--a fry-happy app that featured a boatload of spicy scallops, calamari, shiitake-tomato eggrolls, root veggie chips and zesty sauces

Chorizo Crusted Grouper--a vibrant upgrade on fish-n-chips. It was a big (this is a half portion) and fresh-tasting filet encased in a crispy batter with bits of spicy sausage worked into it. The seafood was very ably accompanied by a goat cheese potato pancake, wilted spinach and a bold "tomato-scallion emulsion"

Everyone's eating great food, sipping fine wine and having an overall high old time inside of Tucci's California Bistro, a terrific vino-centric restaurant in "Olde" Dublin. With 16 wines available in 2, 4,or 6 oz. samples (incrementally priced identically) from Tucci's Enomatica (an Italian-style machine which suppresses oxidation with inert argon gas and serves automated pours) it's fun to play the field (e.g. that much beloved zinny quaff "The Prisoner" is $5 for a healthy slurp). Can't wait 'til patio weather comes back--Tucci's has a nice one that'd be great for springtime Vermentino-ing!

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