About the brewery

About the brewery

It would be hard to find a brewery exporting to America that's more German than Veldensteiner. This theory was confirmed Monday night when a group of my friends successively pointed to my swing-top bottle and exclaimed, "Whoa, that's so German!" The brewery has become a staple at many local bottle shops with a lineup that includes Zwick'l, Landbier, Weissbier and a few other styles.

About the beer

As a style, zwickelbier is fairly rare in the United States, so sipping one is a must for anyone interested in the beer world's magnificent minutia. Though rare, the type won't turn off middle-of-the-road drinkers. Zwickelbiers are unfiltered, unpasteurized lagers that have a rich taste and lots of carbonation.

Why to drink it

Because it keeps to the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law of 1516. Duh!

Just kidding. Zwick'l is enjoyable because it takes something most people like (American lagers) and kicks it up a notch. Along with a sharp, refreshing taste comes more hops, an aroma rich with grass and green apples, and a cloudy appearance with yeast sediment floating in the glass.

When to drink it

Zwick'l is interesting but not overpowering, which makes it a pretty good all-around brew for food, fun and friends.