"I always describe my style as classic American with a bohemian twist."

Who: Maren Roth

What: owner, Rowe Boutique

Where: photographed in her bedroom closet

How would you describe your style?

I always describe my style as classic American with a bohemian twist. I really love basics, but I also have this '70s vibe. I love flowing dresses and long skirts - laid-back California kind of feel. But then I also like wearing a great button-down with a pair of jeans, with a belt and a blazer.

Does your closet see a lot of turnover?

Well, I'll buy something and wear it once or twice, maybe, but still have this very fond love for it and want to see it hanging in my closet.

What would your closet be like if you didn't own the shop?

I think it would be the same style, but there are some lines I've found that I love now, but I don't think I would have known about them.

Iro is one of my very favorite ones ever. It's a French line, and they have these amazing, really interesting tops. And there are two jewelry lines we carry, Vanessa Mooney and Jenny Bird, and I love them.

Where do you shop besides at Rowe ?

I'm a big vintage shopper. A friend and I go thrifting together - Ohio Thrift - and Captain Betty's is great. I also really love Zara and J. Crew. And when I travel, I like to visit other boutiques to support them.

Maren's favorites

Dannijo necklace

Its engraving says, "Stone walls do not a prison make." I wear it, and it makes me feel like I'm empowered for some reason. It's the soft, girly and the hard, kind-of-bohemian thing all rolled into one necklace. It's my go-to.

Muubaah leather jacket

It's sort of this anthracite color, and I just love it. It wore in like a glove. And when in doubt, put on a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, a leather jacket and a necklace. And a bag. A great bag.

Ali Ro dress

I bought it for my best friend's rehearsal dinner in Cali. I just really love the color. And the zipper down the front is really flattering.

Mulberry bag AND/OR Yves Saint Laurent bags [depending on which image you use - Mulberry bag is tan, YSL bags are brown/black and olive]

What shoes are to some women, bags are to me. I have 40 or 50, probably. I kind of rotate them out. I have a couple bins up there [in the closet], and it's like a surprise when I go through - "Hello, old friend."