In my mind, I'm drowning butterflies broken dreams and alibis; That's fine. I've seen my palette blown to monochrome- hollow heart clicks hollowtone, it's time.

These TV On The Radio lyrics passed through my brain around course seven of a super-fun "monochromatic" dinner last week at Sage American Bistro.The idea--and it's a neat one that seemingly escaped from an 80s conceptual art project only to land in a great chef's kitchen--was a succession of wine-complemented plates loaded with similarly colored elements.

Here's a look at the exciting menu (the impossible-to-see dessert course, "brown", was a version of Sage'e great chocolate ganache cake with chocolate gelato):

And here's some blurry, blow-by-blow cellphone photos of each round:

I loved it all! Hats off to Chef Glover, Ryan Williams (of Vanguard Wines) and Sage's staff on a great night stained with many shades of giddy delight!