Red curry (not bad if not super-nuanced) and (spearminty, laarb-like and very good) lap kai at Westgate Thai. I'd been hearing positive things about this teeny, three-table place lately, so I checked it out for lunch last weekend. It's one of those back-of-a-store operations where you eat amidst a jumble of boxes containing, say, cheap, imported flip-flops and mung bean noodles. Located just down the street from the Fine Line Tattoo parlor (yes, the notorious Buckeye hangout!), it's run by a true mom-n-pop team: an inquisitive and garrulous guy who within about five minutes had told me much of his life story (Vietnam era military vet stationed in Thailand who returned home with a wife); and his real sweetheart of a wife who, according to hubby, worked at Bob Evans for a very long time but now gets to cook her own food and who, according to my experience, looks genuinely dismayed if you don't eat every last bite of a giant order.

For dinner, I went out to the quaint and cute city of Delaware (outside of which a bet-hedging sign announces "One of Ohio's best communities") to the clever 1808 American Bistro (named for the year Delaware was founded). Run by people who opened "8" (remember that nifty Short Norther?) and the Burgundy Room, this comfy but not at all un-chic place is a winner.

So was the above 48-hour sous vide short ribs and...

... the well-named Butter Noodles (made with sheets of pappardelle)...

...and a very nice--and light (this place generally prefers rich)-- mahi mahi done Mexican-ish

Since 1808 offers 29 beers on tap--most of them high-achieving microbrews, but none of them green (that'll make sense in a minute)--I felt obligated to taste a few (they're half-priced at HH!).

It turned out to be a great headstart for my next stop at the wildly packed Ace of Cups for the fledgling club's first of what's hopefully many music shows. That night, I saw the fun and barky Ex-Whites open up for the mighty Scrawl. lf you missed it, check out the linked videos (love how Jovan Karcic's powerful pounding propels the songs and creates an unyieldingly firm and crisp backbone). Thanks to @surlyshirley for the videos!!