Obviously, what happened in Norway recently was just awful, but some people's anger and outrage in this country may surprise you.

Obviously, what happened in Norway recently was just awful, but some people's anger and outrage in this country may surprise you.

"Why is the liberal press playing up the Christian angle in the Norway shooter case?" was a story presented by Fox News on July 26.

"The idea that in any way he represents the mainstream or even fringe sentiment in the Christian community is ridiculous," said Laura Ingraham of Fox News.

The tragedy in Norway is a tragic story about the persecution of Christians?! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Ingraham is right.

The idea that this killer represents mainstream sentiment in the Christian community is ridiculous. That being said, the people drawing the connection between the philosophical underpinnings of his madness to a Christian crusader mentality aren't doing it to get at you.

The connections stems mostly from two things: the shooter's 1,500-page, crucifix-drenched call to reclaim western Christendom from the infidels, and his Knights Templar PowerPoint video paying tribute to Christian crusaders from Charles the Hammer to Vlad the Impaler.

I would have more sympathy for the Fox rapid-response team's nuanced concerns if their pleas to distinguish violence proclaimed in the name of a religion from the practitioners and tenants of said religion were applied to, say, more than just one.

Bill O'Reilly was very clear as to why this Norway killer is not Christian.

"No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder ... we can find no evidence that this killer practiced Christianity in any way. We call him a Christian because he says he is, c'mon," O'Reilly said.

My point is that clearly O'Reilly does not believe that this killer's actions or profile qualify him as Christian, which I would agree with. But his barrier to entry is somewhat less strict when it comes to linking the Fort Hood maniac and Islam.

"I'm saying he's a Muslim terrorist because he carried a business card that said 'Soldier of Allah,' and he committed his crimes in the name of Allah," O'Reilly said.

I think I see the difference. The Fort Hood guy printed up 'Soldier of Allah' business cards, while the other guy only printed up an Army of Christ manifesto. The only connection I can make between the two is that both psychos spent the day at Kinko's.

I actually feel sorry for the pundits and anchors who've added this story to their file of grievances that are perpetrated against them.

Not because I think they're actually victims of persecution, but because I know the sense of grievance and victimization that appears to pervade their every waking moment is actually something they hate in others.

Fox News loves to say how liberals play the victimization card all the time. Liberals play it even when they're playing Yahtzee, which doesn't even use cards.

I guess the reason conservatives get so angry when others play the victim card is because it distracts from the real victims - conservatives.