Who: Gregg Dodd, Ohio Statehouse deputy director of communications

Who: Gregg Dodd, Ohio Statehouse deputy director of communications

What are you wearing? Shoes by Bass. Watch by Fossil. Shirt and jeans by Calvin Klein.

Describe your nightlife style: Since I wear a suit and tie every day to work, dressing casual for a night out is a must.

Any item you wear whenever you go out? I always wear a bracelet or two opposite my watch. I have a "big watch" fetish. Accessories are a must.

Favorite fashion icon: Justin Timberlake

Favorite Columbus bar: So many to choose from ... Level Dining Lounge

Favorite Columbus nightlife activity: A perfect night out includes a fantastic dinner with a good bottle of wine (or perfect martini), followed by cocktails in a trendy bar lounge to catch up on the latest gossip and community news.

On your iPod when getting ready for a night out: I love to crank up the volume to my entire set of CDs from "Glee."

Any rituals you have when you go out? Set the auto feature on the coffee maker

Nightlife style no-no: Capri pants! And an A&F shirt on anyone over age 40.

Preferred drink: Pomegranate martini, when feeling hot. Absolut and club soda with two limes, when feeling fat.

Preferred drink to buy someone you're trying to impress: Whatever the person has been drinking. I'm very observant.

Best pickup line you've ever heard: "If good looks were against the law, you'd be arrested booked and jailed for life."

Any style advice for readers going out tonight? Be a trendsetter. If you want to wear white shoes after Labor Day, go for it.