This Spicy Vegetable Roll from Omega Artisan Baking in the North Market is my new favorite treat. Big and filling enough to serve as breakfast or even lunch, it's kinda like a calzone, only good.

So instead of a cheap bread bomb filled with lost-in-all-that-dough crap (you know, like practically every calzone you've ever eaten), this thing is a blast of irresistible and potent flavors. Scented with garlic, it's a warm, yeasty, buttery and just-baked high quality roll that yields to blistered and melted pepper jack cheese jacked-up by big pieces of portabella mushroom, seared red peppers and sauteed onions. Igniting the whole ratatouille-like ensemble is a surprisingly fiery tomato sauce. I hereby defy all-veggie-meal dismissive types not to absolutely love this far-from-subtle beauty. Note: it's $6.00 and only available on Saturdays (thanks to Sue T. for the awesome tip!)