Sometimes, I like to get a half & half of fairly healthy but full-flavored stewy stuff at Firdous Express. Recently, I went with this chicken and collard greens/daily special (chicken with chickpeas in spicy tomato sauce) with extra salad instead of a rice serving--a pretty fine and "there will be leftovers" large munch for $8.

Since I skipped the Firdous rice, I felt like I needed to splurge on carbs elsewhere, so I hit up Expressly Market Bakery & Bistro for this homey "chicken muffin" ($5). When topped with the white wine chicken gravy, the combo tasted a little tetrazini-y (but in a good way).

Hint: if you're bored and peckish yet none of your go-tos sounds fun, take a cruise through the North Market--you're sure to bump into someone unexpected who turns out having something interesting to say and you're guaranteed to find something unexpectedly neat to eat too. In other words: Serendipity, thy name is North Market.