I grew up hating breakfast. Mostly this was because, even as a kid, I was a thrill-junkie, and that predictable routine of bacon, eggs and potatoes just seemed eye-rollingly boring. I suppose on some level (to an inherent if helplessly unintentional non-conformist), that All-American platter of grease, salt and blandness spoke to me of unimaginative--and flavor-challenged--herd-feed. No, I preferred things like garlicky leftovers or, say, cold pizza with banana peppers on it--something with in-my-face flavor.

Actually, I've come around on the old standard dinery a.m. fare--certainly the result of the positive effects felt from ingesting it in its best setting: late night/early morning after overindulgent idiocies. Still, I always prefer something a little different, something resonating with uncommon flavors, something that engages my mind as much as my cud-chewer.

This kinda looks like a smiling mouth saying "Good morning handsome, how about a smooch?". Well it is, but it's also a most unusual and most delicious--and damn cheap!-- breakfast sandwich called a Sabich

And I'm a fool for this other friendly morning face of a dee-licious meal: the Hummus Ful Breakfast

And finally, the insanely great Hum-shuka

See you at the Olive Tree (Note: breakfast is offered Sundays from 10am to 2pm)