The DIY music event goes down July 21 & 22 at 400 West Rich.

Delay (Danielle Kline photo)

Since 2007, Columbus pop-punk luminaries Delay and their buddy Pat Crann of Shout Out Loud Prints have been hosting an annual independent music festival in Berea, the Cleveland suburb of their youth. Though Berea Fest has consistently attracted a crowd of thousands, the brains behind the operation decided to redirect their focus to Columbus this year. As a statement on the Berea Fest website reads: "We (the organizers) have been based in Columbus, Ohio for eight years now and it seems due time for us to put our energy here."

That energy is being channeled into Big Whoop, a similar DIY music celebration happening July 21 & 22 at Franklinton event space 400 West Rich. The performance schedule was posted today at the festival website, featuring the likes of Delay, Ghost Mice, Slave Labia, Tin Armor, Nervosas, Time & Temperature, Saintseneca and The DewDroppers among many more.

In other Delay news, the band just uploaded their entire discography to Bandcamp for streaming and pay-what-you-want purchasing. I recommend "Plain Language."