There are more than a few Bobcats on the Alive staff, so we trust the students of OU will take this news in stride.

West Virginia University students celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden around a burning couch in Morgantown, W.Va. West Virginia University is the nation's top party school, displacing Ohio University in an annual survey by Princeton Review. (AP Photo/Daily Athenaeum, Matt Sunday)

The Princeton Review released its annual ranking of colleges today, and it's a sad/proud day to be a Bobcat, depending on your perspective.

OU lost its title as the Top Party School in this year's rankings, as West Virginia University sloshed its way to the top spot.

There are more than a few Bobcats on the Alive staff - including me and music writer Chris DeVille. The consensus? We don't really get excited about these things any more, so don't expect to see any burning couches in the Alive office over this news.

I'm way more proud of the Bobcats run in March Madness this year, anyway.