Five quick thoughts on a disappointing performance from the erstwhile Tity Boi.

Five quick thoughts on a highly disappointing performance at Long Street by the rapper formerly known as Tity Boi:

(1) 2 Chainz played the Newport last month and a students-only show the South Oval hours before this last-minute club gig, so maybe he considered a third Columbus go-round gratuitous and that's why his performance was so half-assed. But even by afterparty standards, this was wack.

(2) The guy exudes charisma. Even when he's just standing there vibing out, he looks cool. And when he's really feeling the groove, he makes weird uncle dancing look very swag indeed.

(3) Unfortunately, when people pay money to see you rap, you have to do more than stand there looking cool. 2 Chainz verges on greatness when he pushes himself, particularly when guesting on other people's hits. He thrives on unusual word choices ("doohicky"), internal rhyme ("I'm drunk and high at the same time/ Drinkin' champagne on an airplane") and rampant enthusiasm. So I wish he would have done more rapping and less adlibs over pre-recorded vocals. This was supposed to be a party in honor of his No. 1 album "Based on a T.R.U. Story," but 2 Chainz never seemed to be celebrating his talents, just going through the motions.

(4) The omission of "Beez In the Trap" is questionable.

(5) The omission of "Spend It" is inexcusable.