Danny Bonaduce's on-the-record support for Vanny Bonaduce must have come too late.

The pretty people of Homage on The Bandwagon. Homage's recent contest in which it asked Facebook fans to vote on a name for its orange VW van got the attention of another orange thing-Danny Bonaduce. Bonaduce (and/or a Team Bonaduce staffer) blogged about the Columbus business' contest on the former child star's radio show web page. Why? Because one of the many genius names submitted by Homage fans was "Vanny Bonaduce." We loved it. So did Danny. So did voters. If only 43 more people had loved and voted for it, the name's creator would have won $500 in clothing and two tickets to the Ohio State-Nebraska game. Alas, the name placed second, losing to an equally pun-a-licious title, "The Bandwagon." Poor Danny/ Vanny. Always the bridesmaid.