More than 300 bikes for bike share program to be installed at 30 locations

Put this in the Coolest News I've Heard All Day category. Then again, I'm a bit of a bike geek, so there's that.

The details basically:

300 bikes will be installed at 30 Downtown locations You can borrow a bike for any amount of time and return it at any of the 30 stations. The automated system will use a swipe card and will feature yearly memberships, single-day uses and 3-day passes. 30-minute rides or less are free. The bikes will be three-speed and are equipped with adjustable seats, safety lights, fenders and a basket, as well as theft prevention measures. City council is slated to consider Monday a one-time expenditure of $2.26 million for the purchase of the bikes.

Mayor Coleman said this is one part of the city's aim to make Columbus one of the best biking cities in the nation, and I, for one, will have to agree.