Cover a bathroom in fur? Sure, why not.

Cover a bathroom in fur? Sure, why not.

That was just one concept for the bathrooms at the Short North meadery last month. Artist Heidi Kambitsch included fur sculptures in the stall, and her friend, tech guru Ed Keller, and Brothers Drake co-owner Sarah Jones took care of the other bathroom. Dubbed Musical Spaceship, they covered the bathroom wall in recycled CDs and a working computer (whose keyboard was also attached to the wall) and dimmed the lights blue.

The weird takes on toilets inspired many a group visit to the bathrooms.

"People were trying to go to the bathroom and the line was so long because other people were trying to take pictures of the bathrooms," Jones lauged.

Next up in the semi-regularly rotating re-designs is a mural Jones is working on to complement the meadery's November artist, Michelle Amos.

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