"Shut Up and Play the Hits: The Very Loud Ending of LCD Soundsystem," $20

"Shut Up and Play the Hits: The Very Loud Ending of LCD Soundsystem," $20

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Though it screened twice in Columbus this year, most fans of LCD Soundsystem probably haven't seen Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace's mostly triumphant, somewhat despairing document of the band's Madison Square Garden swan song. Bonus: Two additional discs present the entire marathon performance.

"Waging Heavy Peace" by Neil Young, $27

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631 S. 3rd St., German Village



What rock fan wouldn't want to read Neil Young's memoir? The old man has a way with tangents, but if they're anything like freewheeling Crazy Horse guitar solos, that's OK.

Pandora One annual subscription, $36

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Let's be honest: A large portion of listeners these days experience music through streaming services like Pandora. How nice would it be to wipe the ads out of that experience?

Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB Turntable, $125

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116 E. Long St., Downtown



This sleek silver USB turntable is great for first-time vinyl listeners or collectors looking to upload their collection to MP3. It comes with software for Mac and PC.