Michele Theodore is an Alive editorial intern. These are a few of her favorite things.

Michele Theodore is an Alive editorial intern. These are a few of her favorite things.

Kooma Sushi

I could eat here every day for weeks and still find new rolls to try. With a huge selection of specialties, there are tons of flavor combinations and things I wouldn't normally expect to find in sushi, like jalapenos. Not to mention that names like the Banana Rainbow Roll and the Kinky Roll aren't easily forgettable. It's tucked beside a parking garage and easy to miss from the outside, but the sushi inside is mouth-watering.

Park Street Tavern Jazz Jam

Columbus has a lot of great opportunities to hear live jazz but I keep coming back on Tuesdays to Park Street Tavern. The weekly jazz jam session features Ohio artists Pete Mills, Andy Woodson, Erik Augis and Reggie Jackson. The local talent is great, and while the professionals take a break from their set, the floor opens up to anyone interested in playing. The jam session attracts mostly college students, but I love the chance for up-and-coming young musicians to get their voices heard. The best part is that, unlike most established jazz clubs, there's no drink minimum, so a night out won't cost much.


I've been looking for a typewriter for years in thrift shops, but I've never been able to get my hands on a working apparatus until now. My brother-in-law fixed this one up for me, and I love the history of it. I'm too young to remember ever using a typewriter - in elementary school they taught us to type on first-generation Macs - but something about the simplicity of it is refreshing after growing up with computers.

Olentangy and Scioto trails

Spring is coming soon, and I'm ready for the warm weather so I can start biking outside again. I'm from a pretty small town, and riding a bike in the country often involves jumping into ditches to avoid being hit by cars. The bike path, which runs right by campus, is one of the things I loved when I moved to the city. No chance of being hit by cars, a close location and a long enough trail to make a ride worthwhile rank it much higher than country biking.


As a kid, I loved Abraham Lincoln. I memorized the Gettysburg address and even had a figurine of the Lincoln Memorial as my prized procession. When I found out a movie was coming out about Lincoln that didn't involve vampires, the 8 year old in me was ecstatic. It took me a while to see the movie but I wasn't disappointed. The movie follows the president at the end of the Civil War as he tries to pass the 13th Amendment and abolish slavery. The best part for me was the uncanny resemblance many of the characters had to their historical predecessors. Don't believe me? Find a picture of Daniel Day-Lewis or Tommy Lee Jones in the movie and compare it to Lincoln or Thaddeus Stevens.